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Venkateswara Musicals - Treditional Tanjore Veenai Maker

We are traditional veenai manufacturer in tanjore and our family has been making veenai for four generations. Since 1982, Mr. Veenai venkatesan at the age of 21 started veenai manufacturing works.

We are manufacturing ottu veenai, ottu lite carving, ottu deep carving, ekandam veenai, ekandam lite carving, ekandam deep carving, ekandam full deep carving and chitra veenai (Kottu vaathiyam).

We also customize veenai as per your requirements. We are specially making silver molding veenai, gold molding veenai, electrified veenai and innovative designed veenai.

We sell veenai from our shop, you can directly contact with us to buy the veenai. Also we are selling other varieties of musical instruments and sport goods.

We provide repairing service for veenai and other instruments by experienced technicians.

We are famous veenai manufacturer in tamilnadu. We are interviewed from magazines, TV channels and newspapers. The Doordharsan TV , SUN TV, JAYA TV, MALAYSIAN and SINGAPORE CHANNELS officials are interviewed several times about making veenai and the programme was telecasted.

Tanjore Veenai